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Bruce Kettelkamp

Christian County Correctional Center

Visitation Rules

Cellular telephones, electronic devices, etc., and profanity are strictly prohibited inside the Christian County Sheriff’s Office.

Inmate visits are limited to two (2) fifteen minute visits per week.

Visitation days will be Wednesdays and Sundays from 12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Visitation denials or exceptions will only be made by the Jail Administrator, Chief Deputy, or Sheriff.

Visitors must provide a valid photo identification to visit an inmate. Minors are prohibited from visiting an inmate, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Inmates are allowed four (4) visitors with no more than (4) persons in a visitation booth at one time. Children are included in the total allowed.

Children are not to be left unsupervised in the lobby or allowed to roam the hallway or on the stairs. Those who allow the children to make unnecessary noise (i.e. continued crying, screaming, yelling, etc.) will be asked to leave.

Visitors will only be allowed to visit one inmate per visiting day.

No food, drinks, or tobacco products are allowed in the visitation booth or lobby area.

Incoming letters to inmates will not be accepted on visitation day. All written correspondence must be sent and received by the U.S. Mail.

The phones in the visitation booth will be used for communication between visitors and inmates at all times. Failure to use the phones may result in a suspension of visitation privileges.

Any visitor who has been incarcerated in the Christian County Correctional Center within the last ninety (90) days will be prohibited from visiting. Any exception must have approval from the Chief Deputy or Sheriff.

All Visitors are subject to search. Any visitor bringing in contraband will be subject to arrest.

Any inmate or visitor using profane, obscene or disturbing language and/ or improper behavior will result in the visit being terminated.

Christian County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to suspend, or cancel visitation at any time the office deems necessary.

Appropriate Attire

The following dress code will be applicable to all visitors. Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in denial of the visit. Please note: approved dress is at the discretion of the reception officers.

15-1 Clothing shall not be sexually explicit.

15-2 Bras and underwear must be worn. Undergarments must not be visible through clothing.

15-3 Tube tops, halter top and "spaghetti strap" tops are not permitted by adults or children. These types of shirts will not be allowed to be worn alone or in conjunction with any other shirt. No low-cut neckline or any type of shirt revealing cleavage is permitted. No sleeveless shirts or muscle man shirts.

15-4 Shirts must fall at a reasonable length below the waistband of the pants being worn. (You may be asked to raise your arms above your head or while sitting in a chair you’ll be asked to lean slightly forward to make sure shirts being worn are of a reasonable length.) Bare midriffs, backs, or underwear exposed from out of the top of a person’s pants will not be allowed. If more than one shirt is worn, each shirt must be a reasonable length. If a person chooses to wear more than one shirt, the shirts must stay on the person during the entire visit. Taking articles of clothing off during the visit will not be allowed. This does not include coats in inclement/ cold weather.

15-5 Shorts must have a minimum 8-inch inseam.

15-6 No zip up shirts, or wrap around skirts may be worn.

15-7 Pants with holes above an 8-inch inseam are not allowed.

15-8 Spandex pants are permitted only if they are worn with a shirt that covers the buttocks.

15-9 Mini skirts, short skirts and hot pants are not allowed.

15-10 Coats and jackets are permitted only during inclement/cold weather.

15-11 No sun glasses.

15-12 Obvious gang related clothing is not allowed

15-13 No hats are allowed, except those religious in nature, examples are tufu hats or head wraps.

15-14 Shoes must be worn at all times by adults and children

15-15 No metal belts or metal headbands are allowed.

Bruce Kettelkamp, Sherif
Bruce Engeling, Chief Deputy
Revised – March 2011


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