301 W. Franklin Street
Taylorville, IL 62568
Bruce Kettelkamp


Christian County Correctional Center 


The Christian County Correctional Center is located at 301 West Franklin Street, Taylorville, IL. 62568. It was constructed in 1975 and has a maximum capacity of 56 inmates. It serves as the detention center for all law enforcement agencies in Christian County. The Correctional Center houses pre-trial detainees and sentenced inmates. In addition, the Correctional Center also houses Federal detainees.

The day to day operations of the Correctional Center is overseen by the Jail Administrator. The center is staffed by six (06) full time, and one (01) part time, Correctional Officers.



1.      Bond for an inmate can only be posted with cash or major credit card*. If paying by cash, only the exact amount is accepted. The Correctional Center does not have the ability to make change. If you are posting bond for an inmate, it is recommended that you call ahead to obtain the exact amount and any other information that may be required. (*additional fees when using a credit card for bond are charged by the processing company and/or card company NOT the Sheriff’s Office).


2.      Inmates can buy phone cards to make outgoing calls, but cannot receive incoming calls. Emergency notifications can only be made to inmates through the jail staff with the approval of the Jail Administrator, Chief Deputy, or Sheriff.




1.      Visitation times are on Wednesdays and Sundays from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

2.      Visitors will be asked to wait outside until 12:30 PM.

3.      Visitors must be checked in by 3:30 PM. Plan travel time accordingly.

4.      All conversation must be conducted via the visitation booth phone system. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the loss of future visitation privileges.

5.      Visitors must have valid photo ID.

6.      Visitors must be 18 years or old. Children of incarcerated persons can visit, but must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

7.      To avoid loss of visitation privileges please read the complete list of visitation rules prior to your visit.


Mail Regulations


Inmates may send and receive an unlimited amount of mail through the United States Postal System. Mail should be addressed in the following manner and must include a senders name and return address:


Prisoners Name
C/o Christian County Correctional Center
301 West Franklin Street
Taylorville, Illinois 62568


Things to remember when mailing letters to an incarcerated person:

1.      All mail coming into the Correctional Center is opened and searched for contraband.

2.      Mailing contraband to an inmate is a crime.

3.      All mail must be received through the United States Postal Service; you may not drop off letters or envelopes at the reception desk.

4.      Do not affix any type of stickers or labels to the envelope. Do not tape or glue anything to the envelope or contents.

5.      Do not put any glitter, confetti, locks of hair, or any foreign substance in the envelope.

6.      Do not spray perfume or cologne on the envelope. Do not make lipstick impressions on the envelope or contents.

7.      Please do not include any laminated items, hard plastic cards, new envelopes, blank paper, or postage stamps.

8.      No printed material

9.      You may send a photograph. However, photos may not include any of the following:

a)      Nudity

b)      Guns

c)      Gang Signs or Affiliation

d)      Drugs

e)      Criminal Acts

f)        No Polaroid Photos

Depositing Funds to Inmate Account
Money can be sent to an inmate to purchase phone cards and commissary. All money must be sent through the US Mail by money order. The money order must be completed with the inmates name and the sender’s information. No money will be accepted at the facility.


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