General FAQs


How do I get an Order of Protection?  Petitions for orders of protection can be completed in the Circuit Clerk’s office at the Christian County Courthouse Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


Who can get an Order of Protection? Family or household members who: are related by blood, by current or former marriage, who share a common home, have a child in common, or have a dating relationship with the offender.


Where do I pay traffic fines?  In the Circuit Clerk’s Office at the Christian County Courthouse.


Where can I call to obtain information on court cases?  Call the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 217-824-4966.


What is the mailing address for the Sheriff’s Office/ Jail? 301 W. Franklin PO Box 678 Taylorville, IL 62568


Where can I get a Freedom of Information Act Request Form? The form can be downloaded here: (link to download FOIA request form)


Who do I contact in reference to a Sheriff’s sale? Contact Beverly Black Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM at the Sheriff’s Office 217-824-4961

When can I get fingerprinted for a background check? The Correctional Center conducts the fingerprinting for the Sheriff’s Office. Fingerprints are done on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm. Due to staffing constraints it is recommended that you call before hand to confirm that staffing is available. The fee is $15.00 payable by US Postal Service money order or Bank Check. The number to call is (217) 824-4961.

Why can’t I speak to a deputy when I call the sheriff’s office at any given time?  Do to the limited number of staff; the Sheriff’s Office cannot staff a Desk Sergeant/Officer position. The Deputies are often out of the office patrolling or handling calls. You can be forwarded to a deputy’s voice mail or an on duty deputy can return your call as soon as they are available.


Can a cell phone call 911 without minutes or service?  Yes. Parents are encouraged to remove the batteries from cell phones before allowing children to use them as toys. Much time, fuel, and expense has been spent responding to 911 calls resulting from children playing with old cell phones.


Can you tell where I am if I call 911? The ability to map a 911 call is dependent on the type of service used and the tower which receives and re-transmits the call. Callers should always tell 911 dispatchers what their exact locations is.


How can I trace a call when someone is harassing me by phone? To trace a call, immediately after receiving a call hang up the phone, pick up again, listen for the dial tone, press *57, and follow the prompts. Information gathered by the trace procedure can only be released to law enforcement. A charge by the phone company may be applied for tracing calls.


Jail FAQs


When is visitation at the jail? Visitation is Sunday and Wednesday from 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM


What is the mailing address for the Sheriff’s Office/ Jail? 301 W. Franklin PO Box 678 Taylorville, IL 62568


How do I send Money to an Inmate? Money must be sent via US Mail to 301 W. Franklin PO Box 678 Taylorville, IL 62568 in the form of a completed Money Order.


Does an inmate get to make phone calls?
Telephones are provided in the cellblocks for use between 6:30 am and 11:00 pm. Inmates can purchase phone cards which they can then use to place outgoing calls. No incoming calls are allowed.


What can I bring when I come to jail?  Prescription eye glasses and prescription medication in original bottle with the label may be brought. Acceptance of these items is at the discretion of the staff.


What rules and regulations does the Christian County Correctional Center have to follow?
The Correctional Center is operated under the guidelines of the State of Illinois Department of Corrections, located at 1301 Concordia Court, Springfield, IL. 62702.


How does an inmate know what the rules of the jail are?
Upon entry into the jail, all inmates are given a copy of the jail rules and regulations.


Can I send books to an inmate?
No. Due to security constraints, no books are accepted at the Correctional Center, either for an individual inmate or through donation.


Can I call the jail to have a message given to an inmate?
Messages from outside of the Jail will not be relayed to an inmate unless they are of an emergency nature and then must be approved by the Jail Administrator, Chief Deputy or Sheriff.


Can I find out an inmate's bond information by calling?
Yes, the number to call is (217) 824-4961.


Can an inmate have a “contact” visit?
Contact visitation is not allowed in this facility with the exception of the lawyer representing the inmate or individuals assigned by the courts.


Are clergy visits available for inmates?
Yes, the Correctional Center provides an opportunity for inmates to request clergy visits. This is done on a rotational, first come – first serve, basis.


Can an inmate purchase personal items in the jail?
Items for personal use must be purchased through the jail commissary system.


Can one inmate give money to another inmate while in jail?
No. Under no circumstances will money be transferred from one inmates account to another inmates account.


An inmate was transferred to DOC, how do I get their property?
Inmate property is kept for thirty-one (31) days after their transfer to DOC. After thirty-one days has passed, property is disposed of. 


How do I find out information about an inmate sentenced to DOC?

For information about the release date of a prisoner in the Illinois Department of Corrections, see the Illinois Dept. of Corrections site.



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