301 W. Franklin Street
Taylorville, IL 62568
Bruce Kettelkamp


By Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp


Beginning this month I will be preparing monthly reports to the citizens of Christian County to keep you informed of the status of your Sheriff’s office as well as our developments and challenges.

I began active duty as Sheriff on December 1, 2010, after completing the excellent and very thorough course for the 25 newly elected Sheriffs in November.  The course was reviewed in the December 1 issue of the Breeze.  The content of the course was excellent and the contacts and personal discussions continue to provide invaluable assistance.

My initial reaction to entering active duty was one of considerable satisfaction.  I was highly pleased by the positive and professional way I was accepted.  Further, now having a month of supervision behind me, I must report that the entire staff – my Chief Deputy, Bruce Engeling, the deputies, correction officers, dispatchers and the staff of this facility - have consistently shown themselves to be highly capable, efficient, and dedicated to their duties.

During my campaign I stressed the need for increased training. In December the Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Illinois State Police SWAT Team,   hosted its first multi agency training session.  Over twenty law enforcement officers from various police agencies throughout Christian County attended. This training included discussions and scenarios pertaining to the effective tactics utilized in Rapid Deployment Activities. Training such as this provides for the safety and security of all residents of the county.

I am also in the process of preparing a new mission statement for the Sheriff’s Department. This statement will reflect the wider range of activities and responsibilities we currently have and the changes we anticipate.   I expect to have the new statement in the next issue of this report, along with some summaries of our planned directions in increasing the professional level of our performance in all aspects of our duties.

I am committed to addressing the interests and concerns of the citizens. Recently I did a presentation at the Pana Senior Center. I explained that one of our most important goals is to produce positive growth in civilian involvement in our programs. This event was attended by approximately 100 Seniors who expressed their strong support for these kinds of ideas and programs.

In addition we will be launching a new website that is expected to debut in February. This site will provide not only a listing of contacts and programs within the sheriffs office, but will also provide general information and listings for other agencies that citizens might have a need to utilize. Any ideas you may have about this content would be welcome in my office.  Don't hesitate to call.

I am committed to having our challenges and our opportunities presented to you.   When I was campaigning for this office, I consistently maintained that an informed citizenry is an essential component of a successful modern law enforcement agency. Our clear objective was to increase community involvement.  I believe we are well underway in this important goal.