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Community Policing Efforts Result In Arrest Of

Suspect For Criminal Damage To Property.

  Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp announces the arrest of Jacob Fahl, (age 19) of Morrisonville, for criminal damage to property, a class four felony, causing damage over $300 but less $10,000.

  At approximately 1:45 A.M. on January 13th, 2014 a Morrisonville resident heard a loud noise coming from the front yard of his residence.  The resident looked out his window and noticed a dark colored pickup truck at the end of his driveway. The resident immediately took action by going outside to determine what had caused the noise. The resident observed that his mail box and trash container had been damage and the dark colored pickup truck drove away from this house. The resident got into his vehicle and followed the pickup truck until he could obtain the license plate, at which time he immediately called the Christian County Sheriff’s Office.

  Christian County Sheriff’s Office took numerous reports of other criminal property damages occurring in Morrisonville. One stop sign and 7 mailboxes were knocked down. The truck left ruts in the yard of one residence, splattering mud all over the house. Another yard had a figure 8 in it caused by ruts from the pick up truck.

  Sheriff Kettelkamp praises the immediate action taken by the citizen to obtain the license plate of the vehicle that was responsible for the criminal damage. This is an excellent example of community policing where citizens and law enforcement work together.

  Sheriff Kettelkamp encourages all citizens to take action immediately to assist Law Enforcement when they hear or observe anything unusual occurring in their community.

  Jacob Fahl was arrested on January 16th as a result of an arrest warrant that was issued through the Christian County States Attorneys’ Office. Fahl was released from Christian County Jail after posting 10% of a $20,000 bond.